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JourneyThroughtheGate's Podcast:
Ghost We've Met: Paranormal Inc Ep. 38

2018 Fall Awake Holistic Fair

2018 New Jersey Paraunity Expo             May 19, 2018             1 Samuel Lupo Place, Woodbridge NJ             

Step into the Paranormal             November 17, 2017             7 PM till midnight at Haldeman Manson in P.A.:             
Email us for tickets at:

World Wide Ghost Hunt             Sept 30, 2017             Join us FREE Streaming on line at 10 PM EST in The Haunted Haldeman Manson in P.A.:             

Haldeman Paranormal Expo 2017             Sept 16, 2017             At the Haldeman Manson in P.A.:              Tickets on Line

Awake Holistic Fair             Sept 9, 2017             in the Historic McFarland house W.V:              Special Guest Mike King from Ghosts of Shepardstown