DVR System

Used to capture footage on multiple devices in multiple locations at the same time. This is useful in capturing orbs, shadows, mists and sounds.

Video Cameras

An essential tool to be mobile and capture evidence. With the different lens combinations you can catch many different spectrums of light.

Still Cameras

If you take the same picture multiple times and get different results in the picture, it may mean something unexplained is going on.

K2 Meter

Designed to measure electrical energy. It is thought that spirits can manipulate electrical energy which can be measured. The higher the reading the more likely something is present.

Recording Device

A critical tool to the investigation. With these devices you can capture Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP. You can ask questions and get real time responses to to those questions.


Used for more than just to see by. When you set two lights next to each other, you can use one for yes and one for no to communicate with spirits if they are willing.

Random Electro Magnetic Pod

Called a REM Pod for short. A telescoping antenna that produces an electrical field. If the field is broken or something move through and interrupts the field, it flashes lights and makes sound.

Light Source

Catching evidence in different light sources is critical. We view light in all colors. With light sources we can view in Infra Red, full spectrum or even thermal for heat and cold.

spirit Box

A very interesting tool that puts out A.M. and F.M "White Noise". It is thought spirits can harness and manipulate these frequencies and can speak in real time on one of these devices.

MEL Meter

An awesome tool containing a portable Rem Pod, K2 meter and an additional thermal sensor. This can be very useful if you are on the move and need quick sensors at the touch of a finger.

Thermal Meters

A tool used to see if you are getting random temperature changes. As spirits are said to be able to raise or lower temperature, this is a handy way to keep track of rooms or objects.

Thermal Video Recording Devices

A fantastic recording device that lets you see in real time if hot or cold spots are present. You can also track if they are moving or taking shapes.

Other Equipment

There are many other devices that are used. What we carry to an investigation changes monthly as new items are invented. We continue to strive to carry the most current technology to each investigation.